domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013


Welcome , this site is dedicated to High Speed OpenBVE fans, you could find trains, but, by the now "Eurostar , TGV Eurostar, ETR 1000, GNER 373 , TGV POS, TGV Thalys, TGV Duplex  TGV POS 4401 V150 , Acela Express , Siemens ICE Velaro, Shinkansen Series 0-500-700

Soon TGV POS with Coaches Lacroix" ,Class 395 Javelin.

Did you want add your own High Speed Train or Repaints? ,  send me at
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Biography : Who i'm ? , i'm Manuel Mejias, a expert designer of 19 years old, i'm very characterized only on Venezuelan Trains, but i decide time to go foward , get some new experiences , i don't use programs to make train model code, you could see all those lines are wrote by me if you edit with notepad. 

All is wrote line per line, my first train is this "Eurostar"  created by Gec-Alsthom on 1992 for the English Channel Service, a class 373 of BR, i love it, its my favourite train, most long train TGV on simple composition.

Thanks to all British, Germans, Venezuelans, French , Japaneses , Americans and another guys who really appreciate my work, and help me on ".dll" train systems.

I don't use translator , so , this is my english from my own hearth

Thanks   to All.

Att: Manuel Mejias